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【随笔】Dream and friendship(梦想与友谊)
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When I was a child, I don’t like summer at all, coz in my memory, in summer, I always had this kind of situation-Power is off,


and when power was off in my home, my little ceiling fan on the bed stop working and my poor grandma and my poor mum had to use the hand fan to help me go to sleep and they always kept awake for the whole night.


At that time, I didn’t know why the power was always off and I just hope my little ceiling fan could always work day and night so my grandma and my mum could have a better sleep.


And now, more than 20 years passed, I grow up, I could barely see my little ceiling fan and our country also grows up, air condition could be seen everywhere and even the remote mountain villages have been electrified. How lucky we are in China in this age!


About three years ago, when I was working in Kuwait, a Kuwaiti friend asked me: Hey Chris, I heard from the news that your government has proposed a Belt and Road initiative, do you know what is that?


I thought for a while and I told him: Ismail(it’s my Kuwaiti friend’s name), if I can explain to you in Chinese, I can tell you very well, but in English, I am afraid I can not. Then of course I opened my 谷歌 in front of him and searched these key words in English and the result jumped out from the internet surprised me.


That year is the year 2014, about one year after this concept was raised. Belt and road initiative, actually means the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st- century Maritime Silk Road, was proposed by our president Mr. Xi Jinping respectively in the year 2013 when he paid the visit to Central Asia and Southeast Asia.


More than two thousand years ago, for opening up the trade routes and exchanging culture among Asia, Europe and Africa, our forefathers explored the ancient silk road, for thousands of years, the core spirit of ancient silk road comes to Peace and cooperation is becoming a historic and cultural heritage shared by all countries around the world.


I can still remember the Ghanian children’s life that I have seen when I was in Ghana Bui project nine years ago. Those children were running out of their money, running out of electricity, running out of food, they were facing hunger, disease like malaria and even death every day and every moment.


To solve this overcapacity problem, our government is using the sufficient foreign exchange

reserves to help less developed countries in infrastructure construction and Sinohydro Bureau8 is

one of these construction companies.


As a member of Sinohydro Bureau8, I understand that it is one of the main enterprises focusing

on making contribution for the whole world for 20 years now. During these 20 years, we’ve made

our international tracks to Ghana, Nigeria in Africa, to Indonesia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and so on in Asia, to Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and so on in South America. In the industries of hydroelectric, thermal electric, infrastructure, transportation like road and subway, buildings like schools, hospitals and so on. Millions of citizens and families around the world benefit from these projects for having electricity in their community, having transportation when they travel, having education services for their children and medical services for everybody.


Nine years ago when I joined this company, I asked myself, what is my goal? To make my life better? Yes, of course, and what else?


Now, when I see the pictures of those Ghanian children, I can feel what I am doing is valuable, what you are doing is valuable, what sinohydro Bureau8 is doing is valuable, Sinohydro Bureau 8 is not only supporting my family, not only yours, he is helping thousands and thousands of families in the whole world. A few years later, when our sons and daughters grow up, we can show them the pictures of our projects and tell them: this is your father’s project, this is your mother’s project, and this is our family project.


That year, when I put the belt and road initiative as the key words inside of my google, the result jumped out from the internet surprised me is not the poverty, is not the wealthit is the power of love that our Chinese government shows and the contribution that Chinese people make to the whole world. And you belong to Sinohydro Bureau 8, you are one of them, you should be proud of our country, you should be proud of yourself, and you should be proud of this company- Sinohydro Bureau8.






三年前,当我在科威特工作的时候,一个科威特朋友问我:嘿,Chris, 我听说你们中国政府提出了一带一路倡议,你知道是什么意思吗?

我想了想,对他说,Ismail, 如果让我用中文给你说明,我能给你说得很清楚,但是用英语,恐怕说不太明白。然后,我在他面前打开谷歌, 搜索英文的关键词,弹出来的结果让我很吃惊。










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